Singaporean Mom Shares Her Water Birth Experience In Malaysia

Singaporean Mom Shares Her Water Birth Experience In Malaysia

An increasing number of expectant mothers are choosing water birth, a method of childbirth that involves immersion in warm water. This alternative birthing method is gaining traction in Malaysia for its remarkable benefits, offering a gentler arrival for newborns and a more empowering experience for mothers.


Grace Chen, a patient from Singapore who chose a water birth experience with Dr. Paul Ng at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, shares her firsthand experience with water birth for her second child. After a natural unmedicated birth with her first daughter in 2021, Grace was eager to explore water birth when she learned it was available at PHKL. “Labouring in a warm tub of water provided a measure of comfort, and the buoyancy supported the weight of pregnancy, allowing freedom of movement during labour,” Grace recounts her experience.


Reflecting on My Water Birth Experience

The water birth experience surpassed my expectations. I entered the tub at 9.00pm as my contractions became regular, and by just past midnight, I was holding my baby boy. The most memorable moment was receiving my baby in my arms right after birth while still in the water. The process offered me a natural pain relief option where I could freely move to facilitate the baby’s descent.


Dr. Paul Ng, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at PHKL, explains the benefits and safety of water immersion and water birth. “Waterbirth provides a non-medicated pain relief and comfort,” he notes. “The buoyancy allows mothers the freedom to adopt any position they prefer, potentially experiencing less pain and satisfaction.” He also dispels common misconceptions, such as fears of the baby drowning. “As long as the umbilical cord remains attached and the baby is yet to take the first breath, they do not aspirate or drown,” Dr. Ng assures.



Dr. Ng highlights that an ideal candidate for water birth is motivated for a natural delivery, emphasising the empowerment it brings to the birthing experience. PHKL is uniquely equipped to offer this service, being the only licensed hospital in Malaysia for water birth delivery. The facility boasts appropriately sized rooms, supportive and experienced staff, and the necessary emergency equipment, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for both mother and baby.


Water birth at PHKL offers notable advantages, including a shorter labour duration, reduced need for pain medication, and fewer perineal tears, making the recovery phase smoother for the mother. These benefits align with the positive experiences shared by mothers like Grace, who found water birth to be an empowering and satisfying choice.


Reflecting on her journey, Grace says, “I did expect some comfort from being in the water, but I underestimated how empowering it would be to move so freely.” Given the chance, she would choose water birth again for any future pregnancies.



Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur continues to lead in maternity care, providing a range of birthing options including the increasingly popular water birth. Their commitment to supporting natural childbirth methods aligns with the personal needs and preferences of expectant mothers, making each birth experience as gentle and joyful as possible.

For mothers considering their birthing options, PHKL stands out with its comprehensive facilities and expert staff, ready to support a natural and fulfilling birthing journey. As more women opt for this gentle approach to childbirth, PHKL remains at the forefront, offering a tranquil and supportive environment for welcoming new life into the world.