Shaqir Harith Crowned As Champion For The Offspring Baby Search 2022 (Category 2)

Shaqir Harith Crowned As Champion For The Offspring Baby Search 2022 (Category 2)

It’s been an exciting past few weeks in search of the Face of Offspring for 2023. After competing in the weekly contest that had various different themes showcasing the different characters of babies such as Foodie Expert, Moment in Shades, Certified Crybaby and so on, the top 10 finalist were brought together to compete for one last time facing a panel of judges in St. Regis Kuala Lumpur.


Judges included:

  • Datuk Noor Syafiroz bin Mohd Noor, Group Chief Operating Officer of Sedania Innovator Bhd
  • Mr Darren Choy, Chairman of Offspring Inc.
  • Ms Ngai Yuen, Chief Merchandising & Marketing Officer of AEON
  • Ms Elaine Chew, Chief Executive Officer of Happikiddo
  • Ms Teresa Chin, Chief Editor of Parenthood Magazine Malaysia



Each finalist went through a series of categories to showcase their personalities and boy were we impressed with the efforts that each and every parent showcased during the finale.


After putting together public votes and scores from the judges, Shaqir Harith was crowned the champion for Category 2 (13 months old – 24 months old).



Shaqir went home with a whopping RM8,500 worth of cash and prizes, which includes Offspring products, Aeon Vouchers and Happikiddo Vouchers. Aside from gracing our magazine cover, Shaqir will also be featured on Offspring’s packaging – how cool is that?!


Ready to get to know Shaqir a little more? We spoke to Shaqir’s parents – Nur Husna Zakaria and Stewart Manley who are both Law Lectures and here’s their story…


Full name: Shaqir Harith bin Stewart Manley
Birthday: 8 October 2021 (13 months old)
Current Favourite words: “Car”, “Uncle” and “Burger”.
Favourite food: All tropical fruits, especially dark purple dragon fruit.
Favourite past-time: Standing in the driver’s seat of a parked car and pretending to drive & Sliding down slides in the park.


1. Can you tell us more about Shaqir and what his personality is like?

Shaqir is outgoing and sociable. He loves to smile at people and eagerly awaits their smiles in return. When he plays, climbs, walks or eats, he likes it when people interact and encourage him. He doesn’t like to be strapped, whether in a swaddle (when he was an infant), a stroller or a car seat. He notices tiny crumbs, pieces of soil, and cracks in the floor and spends time pointing at them and touching them. He is curious about the smallest things that you or I would not notice. He is also very stubborn. Even for things that he enjoys doing, he will often not do them if he is told to do them.


“Shaqir has taught us to find joy in every little thing, remain patient in stressful situations and always love one another.”


2. What are some of the lessons that Shaqir has taught you as parents?

Shaqir has taught us to find joy in every little thing, remain patient in stressful situations and always love one another. He has taught us to laugh at things and to slow down. He has taught us that a time comes in life when our potential is not in ourselves but in others.


3. Tell us one of the most memorable story about Shaqir and why this incident was most memorable to you.

Recently Shaqir was sick and we had to give him three medicines: for a cough, for phlegm and a spray for his nose. The first time, he cried and squirmed and resisted taking all three. This happened a couple more times. But at some point, he noticed that the cough and phlegm medicines were sweet. So he started to accept them. Then, one time, after taking them, he asked for more! The next time, he started to cry for more. We couldn’t believe it. He never liked the nose spray but over time, he held still, showing us his nose, closed his eyes, cringed and allowed us to put the nozzle in his nostril. This experience was so memorable for us because it showed us how much he can learn from experience, remember what came before and adapt to circumstances.



4. What are some of the most important values that you’d like to instil in Shaqir?

“Shaqir” means someone who is grateful while “Harith” is a cultivator. We want him to plough this world with goodness and always feel a deep appreciation for all that God provides. We also want to instil in him the values of kindness, patience, gentleness, compassion and generosity.


5. What are your hopes and dreams for him?

We simply want, like all parents, for him to be a good person, to do good, to bring good, whatever path he takes.


6. If you could give just 1 piece of advice for new parents, what would it be?

If it’s possible, though we know it’s difficult, it is worth making some sacrifices to be able to spend as much time as possible with your child. These moments together are priceless and can never be regained.


It is worth making some sacrifices to be able to spend as much time as possible with your child. These moments together are priceless and can never be regained.


7. Why did you decide to participate in the Offspring Baby Search 2022?

It was purely for the experience. The Offspring Baby Search 2022 attracted us not only because it was organised by a brand that we supported but also because the event offered an opportunity for us to create fun memories as a family and we were so happy that we could bring other family members along. We never thought Shaqir would be shortlisted as a finalist let alone being crowned as the champion.



8. Why is Offspring your brand of choice?

The quality of the Offspring products is outstanding and the values of the Offspring brand resonate with us. We compared several brands to see which were the most durable and performed best, and also which were the best for Shaqir’s body and skin. Offspring was the best. The products are also based on the principles and made with the promise of quality, sustainability, and integrity. These are values that resonate with us.


9. What is your favourite Offspring product and why?

Dad would go with the Buzz Away Spray as he uses that a lot when he goes outdoors exploring the neighbourhood, park and jungle with Shaqir. Mom would say the Fashion Diaper as not only is it free from bad stuff but also comes with adorable prints.


Congratulations 1st Runner Up, Sameera & 2nd Runner Up, Elijah Kai!





“To be chosen as one of the finalist out of so many participants had already surpassed our expectations, be it the prize of 1st runner up that our baby Sameera had won. Really grateful to Offspring for organizing “Offspring Baby Search Event” at such a wonderful venue where all of the cute babies gather together with alot of interactions. Not to forget a shoutout to the panel judges as well who did a great job. We really had fun, no doubt about it!” – Angie, Sameera’s Mum.







“We are so thankful to have won 2nd runner up in the Offspring Baby Search 2022! It was amazing to see how creative all the parents were with their Offspring ideas! Elijah had a great time on stage and we had a lovely time as a family. Thank you to all the sponsors for the opportunity.” – Katherine Sundram, Elijah’s Mum.

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