5 Things You Should Do Before Your ‘Balik Kampung’ Road Trip with Family

5 Things You Should Do Before Your ‘Balik Kampung’ Road Trip with Family

As Raya is fast approaching, no doubt we’ll see an increase in Balik Kampung trips as many travel back to their respective hometowns for celebrations. The roads will be flooded with vehicles, leading to longer drives and long hours stuck in traffic.


On top of that, travelling with young kids needed more mindfulness and extra care for their needs and safety while travelling. So, before embarking on this fun journey, there are a few things that you should do to ensure you and your family have a smooth journey for a memorable and enjoyable festive celebration.


#1. Go For A Car Check-Up


Yes, take your car for any due service before your journey. It is crucial as you would not want to have any car issues in the middle of a long traffic, as assistance may take a while to arrive. Do not forget to have your tyres examined and pressure checked, while trying to make the long drive more bearable, if not, enjoyable.



#2. Be Ready For Any Emergency

It is always good to be prepared, as anything can happen on the road. You must ensure the following items with you before you travel:

  • first aid kit to prevent minor illnesses from becoming major or to help reduce the severity of any injury.
  • emergency tools such as jumper cables, fire extinguisher, flashlights and extra batteries.
  • road assistance numbers ready

These are just as precautions as you’re travelling with your loved ones and it’s never bad at all to be prepared for the worst.



#3. Stock Up On Snacks

healthy snacks


Children tend to get moody if hungry, so best to stock-up on some snacks, finger foods, and drinking water for the journey. You may also want to prepare some food for your buka puasa should you’re still on the road, as the rest-stops might be full house with so many road users during that period.



#4. Keep Them Entertained


Children can get restless and impatient on long car rides, especially when they’re awake and there’s nothing to occupy their minds with. So, bring along some toys, books, music or tablets to accompany children during the trip. Not only does it keep them busy, but it might turn out to be an enjoyable ride for both you and your children.


Music can liven up the mood while driving, especially if you are playing your favourite tracks or Raya songs to create a festive vibe. So, sing along to the songs with your family during the journey!


#5. Rest Well


It is very important to ensure you have rested well by having a good night sleep for at least eight hours the night before your trip. It will help you feel more rested and prepared for the journey ahead. You can also try taking a short nap (20-30 minutes) before you start driving. This will help to keep you alert and fresh throughout the journey.


Start your Balik Kampung holiday right by prepping ahead before heading off to your destination by simply following the above tips. Have a safe journey and Selamat Hari Raya, folks!

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