5 Easy Ways for New Dads to Bond with Baby

5 Easy Ways for New Dads to Bond with Baby

When you are a new parent, it is normal for a mum to immediately bond with her baby as she has been carrying her for 40 weeks. So naturally, the connection is there, whereas for dads, although he might have already begun communicating with the baby while still in the womb, he has to start the attachment with his baby right after birth again, or he might feel a bit left out.


So, how can dads create this bond? If you are clueless about how or where to even begin – do not fret, as there are many simple ways a new dad can establish their ‘daddy bonding’ with his newborn baby. Moreover, it will give mum a break too from her constant babycare routines. 


Check out these simple ideas that might help you bond with your baby! 


1. Hugs and Cuddles


Yes, simply cuddle – your touch will be soothing for both you and your baby. It’s the feelings and attachment that you want to develop here. Go shirtless and let your baby rest on your chest whenever possible. Cuddle and pat his back regularly as baby loves a rhythmic pat. In a way, you may find your secret dad and baby rhythm to help baby to sleep. 


2. Changing Diapers


It’s not the most fun way but it’s part of the deal of becoming a dad, and it might surprisingly be a good bonding activity for you both. You can sing, talk, and play fun games like cycling her legs while changing the diaper.


3. Play Games


This is the most fun part where you can make silly faces, play peek-a-boo, or sing songs for your baby. If you don’t remember any nursery rhymes, never mind, simply create your own version. Your baby is not going to judge you. Set aside regular time for this so that as the baby grows, this special time becomes a part of your daily routine.


4. Take a Walk


You can carry your baby in a sling or in a carrier for walks or as you go about your daily routine. Walk at the park around your neighbourhood or even to the malls. It’s good to bring your baby out for some outdoor feel even at this baby stage. Keep it moving, dad.


5. Read to Your Baby


There are so many baby books out there. Buy as many as you want and start reading them aloud to your baby.  A well-established research of early language development found that infants who received consistent, daily reading of at least one book a day, starting at two weeks of age, demonstrated improved language scores as early as nine months of age. By reading aloud, it will help your baby to develop good language and communication skills. Plus, this activity provides some wonderful bonding time for dad and baby.


As a new dad, you can soothe, bathe, change, dress, and burp your baby. You can also sit and keep Mum company during feedings. This helps you bond with the baby and supports your partner as well. Happy Father’s Day to all Super Dads out there!

A full-time MUM turned writer, Rosalind found her passion for writing only after becoming a mother herself. As a mother of two school-going children, she writes about real-life experiences, spending quality time with family and among others - parenting skills that need to be explored!