Ultra Soft Baby Wipes For Baby’s Tender Skin

Ultra Soft Baby Wipes For Baby’s Tender Skin

Baby wipes – we can’t live without them. They come in handy in between baths, during messy times and while we are out and about to keep the baby fresh, clean, and comfortable. But not all wipes are made the same and are suitable for babies’ tender skin. As parents, surely we will look at all the features of the wipes before using them on their delicate skin.


FIFFY’s Ultra Soft Baby Wipes are made with soft cottony material that is gentle to the touch and protects your baby’s tender skin. It is specially formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract for babies with sensitive and dry skin to ease skin irritation.

fiffy wipesNot only is Fiffy’s Ultra Soft Baby Wipes free from alcohol, paraben and Phenoxyethanol, it is also dermatologically and hypoallergenic tested to safeguard your baby from any skin irritation that might occur.


Besides using Fiffy’s Ultra Soft Baby Wipes for your baby’s face and hands, it is also suitable to be used to clean up after feeding sessions, wiping away spillage or cleaning sticky countertops, which makes it very versatile.


To get your hands on this limited edition ultra soft baby wipes, visit www.fiffybaby.com

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