7 Ways To Have A Fun Pregnancy

7 Ways To Have A Fun Pregnancy

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When it comes to the 40-week adventure known as pregnancy, there are definitely some not-so-enjoyable aspects along the way – morning sickness, middle-of-the-night leg cramps, water retention and foregoing sushi. But here are seven ways to make the most of each day, and have a fun pregnancy.



1. Go shopping – for someone else!

Recent research shows that giving to others can actually make you happier – so make your own day, not to mention a less-fortunate mama-to-be’s, and buy some fab baby gear to donate to charity.



2. Make girlfriend time a priority.

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People are naturally hardwired for connection to others and pregnancy is an especially important time to socialize. Social connection helps us overcome stress. So if you’re feeling anxious about birth classes, ob-gyn visits, and budgeting for baby, book some good-for-you girl time.


Catch a movie together or grab a bite to eat. Can’t get together in person? No worries, skype with your best friend.



3. Have a nursery-prep party.

Sure, shopping for nursery gear can be fun, but actually putting it all together? That can be a daunting task. Make painting or crib assembly more pleasant by using nursery prep as an excuse to socialise.



4. Indulge your cravings.

happy multicultural friends and pregnant woman with cupcakes at baby-party


You know that the whole eating-for-two thing isn’t really true (right?) and that junk food is bad for you and your growing baby, so chocolate ice cream shouldn’t be a daily thing. The fact is, most pregnant women experience cravings, and indulging in a few calorie splurges now and then can go a long way toward making you feel content.



5. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

When we’re happy with what we have and feel thankful for it — we lead less stressed and more optimistic lives, according to research. So take time out of each day to give thanks for your healthy pregnancy and anything else you’re particularly grateful for, whether that’s a supportive hubby or your new body pillow.



6. Document the journey.

smiling young female friends touching tummy of pregnant woman


Whether you snap regular belly-bump photos (Pinterest is full of fun ideas) or keep a journal about what you’re craving, how you’re feeling, and what your baby is doing (hiccupping? kicking like crazy?) spend a few minutes each day or week documenting the experience so you can remember every detail. (Because trust us, you’ll forget!)



7. Make the gender reveal a big deal.

Are you finding out your baby’s gender? Turn the reveal into a party for friends and family. Yes, you care about it more than these people do, but it’s a happy, no-gifts-necessary excuse to get your nearest and dearest together and celebrate some good news and who wouldn’t like that? Or, if you want the reveal to be a special, just-us bonding moment with your spouse, ask your doctor to write down the baby’s gender and put it in an envelope. Then open it in private (over a picnic lunch, perhaps!) and spend the rest of the day doing fun stuff to prep for your boy or girl.



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