5 Fun Activities To Do with Your Children at Home This Children’s Day

5 Fun Activities To Do with Your Children at Home This Children’s Day

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This year, World Children’s Day falls on a Sunday, which means you’ll have the time to spend the whole day with your children and engage them in fun activities. We understand that you’re probably busy working all the time due to the rising cost of living, which may result in less time with your children.


So, why not take the opportunity this Children’s Day to switch off from everything else and spend quality time to fully connect with your child. After all, it’s their special day and they deserve your undivided attention! 


Here is a list of fun activities you can do for your children on this special day dedicated to them.




1. Pizza Party


Happy family sharing pizza together at home


Who doesn’t like to eat pizza? Most children loveeeee pizza – even more so when they get to personalise each pizza to their liking. So why not organise a pizza party where they can add whatever topping they like as much as they want to. Once the pizzas are done, enjoy them with their favourite movie, or while bonding over some family game time.



2. Paint Party

Young family mother and children preparing decorations


This Children’s Day, how about doing some fun art activities? Get some empty canvases and finger paints that are kid-friendly and let your children unleash their creativity. You can invite your children’s friends to join in as well and make it a painting party! Parents can be the judge of their masterpieces! 


Once done, ensure that they wash their hands clean. You can put their masterpieces on the fridge or frame them to appreciate for years.




3. Treasure Hunt


Unrecognizable children playing treasure hunt at home on the carpet


Whether you’re living in a high-rise condominium or a landed property, a treasure hunt can be a super fun activity for the whole family. Create a trail of clues around the house that are easy to understand and motivate them with a gift at the end. The ‘treasure’ gift can be anything that symbolizes Children’s Day. 




4. Have a Costume Party


Kids and parents


Halloween may be over, but who doesn’t like to play dress-up right? In this costume party, the children can dress up as their favourite characters – for example, princesses, pirates, superheroes, or even cartoon characters. Mum and dad should join in the fun and take the initiative to dress-up as well.


Set up a mini platform right in your living room for them to showcase their costumes while dancing to music. Take plenty of photos or videos of them in their superb costumes and share them on your socials. Remember to enjoy the priceless waves of laughter and joyful faces of your adorable children.




5. Dance Party


super star kids


Children are full of energy. They can go on and on continuously without feeling any less weary. So a dance party would be perfect! Clear the furniture in your living room, put on some of your kids’ favourite songs, and dance it out with them all evening. Pair the dance party with some homemade juice coolers to drink at the end and it’ll be a day to remember.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what activity you choose to do with your kids. What matters most is the quality time together, and the feeling that the activity gave them that’ll make it a memorable one.

A full-time MUM turned writer, Rosalind found her passion for writing only after becoming a mother herself. As a mother of two school-going children, she writes about real-life experiences, spending quality time with family and among others - parenting skills that need to be explored!

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