Fiffy Antibacterial Baby Wear

Fiffy Antibacterial Baby Wear

Looking for the best baby clothes to add to your little one’s wardrobe? When you buy baby clothes, you want to make sure that your baby will be comfortable and safe in the outfit. Between feeding, burping, and changing, the last thing you want to worry about is clothes that take too much effort.



The Fiffy Antibacterial Series of baby wear is 100% cotton with antibacterial features that provide improved comfort, hygiene and freshness to your baby. The antibacterial feature helps neutralise the growth of odour-causing bacteria on contact, which keeps the fabric fresher for longer. It also helps to keep away odour that is derived from bacteria and bodily sweat.


antibac series


Fiffy Antibacterial Baby Wear also provides exceptional antimicrobial efficiency and durability, which keeps the fabric looks new and fresh even after many washes. The dye used is safe for babies and its antibacterial function is lab-tested and approved by professionals.


Each baby wear comes in premium and hygienic individual packaging and features a long sleeve with mitten cuff to protect a newborn’s delicate skin from being scratched by sharp nails. For more information on the Fiffy Antibacterial Series, head on to

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