Sunway Healthcare Group Introduces RM2.5 Million Cancer Support Fund Through Its 'Brave the Cancer' Campaign

Sunway Healthcare Group Introduces RM2.5 Million Cancer Support Fund Through Its ‘Brave the Cancer’ Campaign


In response to the increasing number of Malaysians diagnosed with cancer in the country, Sunway Healthcare Group (SHG) today introduced their Cancer Support Fund worth RM2.5 million at Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway City.


Launching its Brave the Cancer campaign this month, The Cancer Support Fund will facilitate subsidised cancer treatments at Sunway Medical Centre, in addition to offering 2000 free cancer screenings to high-risk groups.


With cancer becoming more prevalent among Malaysians, early detection is vital in ensuring that one receives life-saving treatment as soon as possible to increase the chances of survival. Recently, the Ministry of Health predicts that 1 in 10 men and 1 in 9 women may get cancer in the country. Up to 63.7 per cent of overall cancer cases in Malaysia were detected late at Stage 3 and 4, which greatly reduces positive outcomes for treatment.


“Our Brave the Cancer campaign aims to raise awareness towards the symptoms of cancer, the importance of early detection, as well as the treatment and palliative care we must look into,” said Dato’ Lau Beng Long, President of Sunway Healthcare Group.


Dato' Lau Beng Long, President of Sunway Healthcare Group, announced that the Group has allocated RM2.5 million for Sunway Cancer Support Fund


“We believe this campaign complements the National Health Screening Programme by the Ministry of Health, in line with our belief that any initiative to encourage and support Malaysians in the war against cancer requires a united front,” said Dato’ Lau.


Lau also added that the Fund hopes to alleviate the difficulties of patients who began their cancer treatment, but are unable to continue due to financial constraints, thereby jeopardising their recovery.


The launch of the Cancer Support Fund, kicks off with 500 free mammogram screenings for Pink October, making early detection more accessible at Sunway Medical Hospital, Sunway City and Sunway Medical Centre Velocity, Cheras. Registration is open from 10 Oct till 11 November via this form:




Besides screening for breast cancer, other free screenings will be offered for colorectal, lung and cervical cancer Malaysians who may be at risk. Qualified individuals will also enjoy discounted rates for chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stem cell transplant, CAR T-cell therapy and targeted radionuclide therapy that will be subsidised by the Cancer Support Fund.


In supporting Malaysians throughout their journey upon being diagnosed with cancer, SHG has formed the Tumour Board consisting of healthcare professionals from multiple specialities, including surgeons, physicians, oncologists, radiologists, haematologists, gynaecologists, medical physicists and pathologists.


“Being one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, Sunway Healthcare Group aims to ensure patients have access to the best care possible. The Tumour Board convenes weekly to review complex cancer cases and ensure patients receive the most ideal treatment plan for the best possible outcome. This is in addition to the availability of a comprehensive range of the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic technologies all located within the one stop Sunway Cancer Centre.,” Dato’ Lau added.


“At Sunway Medical Centre, we are not only equipped to treat every possibility, but also provide support beyond medical care. We ensure individuals diagnosed with cancer receive adequate emotional support by connecting them to our Buddy Programme. The Buddy Programme is a system whereby cancer survivors volunteer to support patients undergoing cancer treatment,” expressed Dr Seow Vei Ken, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway City.


By providing a holistic, patient-centric approach to diagnosis and treatment of one of the nation’s leading causes of death, SHG hopes to contribute to pushing Malaysia towards becoming a healthier nation.


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