Suffering From Hair Loss? This Herbal Hair Treatment Made With Chinese & Ayurvedic Herbs Might Be Your Answer

Suffering From Hair Loss? This Herbal Hair Treatment Made With Chinese & Ayurvedic Herbs Might Be Your Answer

Have you paid close attention to your hair fall lately? Notice the amount of hair that comes off on your brush or maybe the clump of hair that forms at your drain after you shower? Are you convinced that you have hair loss?


Before you start going into panic mode, understand that it is totally normal to shed 50 to 100 hairs a day, as your hair follicles are able to easily replace that amount. But, if you are losing hair faster than your follicles can replace them – that’s a problem.


Recently, we spoke to Riff Lim, Founder of TwoHerbs, a hair treatment centre dedicated to helping everyone with scalp or hair problems. For Riff, his dedication to treat hair loss runs deep and stemmed from wanting to regain his wife’s confidence following childbirth. His wife had been experiencing postpartum hair loss and he observed that Chinese herbal hair treatments had not been the most effective for her. That’s when he started experimenting on his own for a herbal hair treatment blend that would work better for his wife.


Riff Lim, Founder of TwoHerbs


My wife was feeling depressed after childbirth as the hair loss was in chunks and chunks of hairs. She started having depression and that is when I decided to start experimenting with a new formulation to help her hair loss.” – Riff Lim


A majority of people think that hair loss is mainly because ‘you’re getting old’ and that it’s ‘normal’ as you age. But there are several other factors that can cause hair loss such as  medication, stress, hormonal fluctuations and childbirth.


“Genetics will be the number one cause as they tend to drop hair earlier than other people. Stress can be a major factor and is causing kids as young as secondary school to have hair loss. Another factor is the lack of sleep which is common among adults that work night shifts and have irregular working hours,” says Riff


Most people who are aware of their hair loss has probably tried a number of treatments for their hair and scalp, so we wanted to know more about what made TwoHerbs hair loss treatment unique.



Parenthood: What makes TwoHerbs’ hair loss treatment unique?

Riff: Two herbs is the only hair loss treatment that uses Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs to provide nutrients to your scalp, having the benefit of both worlds. The cold cap use during the hair loss treatment is a similar method used during chemotherapy to stimulate hair growth for cancer patients which has been proven to stimulate and aid hair growth.


Parenthood: What are the benefits of your blend of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal hair treatment?

Riff: Ayurvedic herbs has been around for 3000 years, as long as Chinese herbs, and many Ayurvedic herbs has been proven to help hair issues. You can tell from the products that there are a lot of shampoo and hair tonic that contain Indian herbs that help them just like Chinese products that contain ginseng shampoo.

I made a special visit to Delhi to better understand the Indian herbs and through local help, I managed to find a high priest that guided me with all the popular herbs that the locals are using to treat and effectively help hair loss. I bought them back and started experimenting with 20 over herbs and eventually went down to 8 herbs and added that into the current formulation that make two herbs paste unique from the rest.



Parenthood: How soon can postpartum mummies start treatment for hair loss?

Riff: Usually 1 session can see reduction in hair loss, some mummies take longer to react than others and can take up to 3 sessions.


Parenthood: Are the treatments safe to be done while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Riff: Yes it is as it is chemical free and cooked in our GMP and ISO approved factory facilities. It is completely safe and complies with the strictest regulation to cook the paste and deliver it to your scalp.



Parenthood: How often should the treatment be carried out, and till when?

Riff: Once a week for a start to let the scalp absorb the nutrients and strengthen the hair, once it gets better you can carry out the treatment once every two weeks for 12 sessions. Following that, you can do it once every 3 weeks for maintenance once your hair grows out and stops falling.



Aside from hair loss treatments, TwoHerbs also focuses on the importance of a clean healthy scalp with their range of hair mask treatments, all targeted for different scalp conditions from sensitive to oily scalp. 


Furthermore, TwoHerbs’ core value centres around providing affordable hair treatments with quality ingredients for everyone. Having been in the industry for 14 years, Riff noticed that expensive hair treatment packages were not sustainable in the long run — customers would buy packages and never return afterwards as they were just too expensive to continue on.


This was not the best for hair loss treatments which needed to be consistent in order to stimulate optimal hair regrowth rates. As such, Riff set out to introduce hair loss treatments at more affordable price points through TwoHerbs, providing treatment sessions in pay per session instead of all together in a package.


For more information on TwoHerbs and their available treatments, head to



Tips to maintain a healthy scalp and limit hair loss – by Riff Lim, Founder of TwoHerbs

  • Wash your hair regularly, a common misconception is that you don’t need to wash hair daily but due to Singapore weather, it is encouraged to wash daily 
  • Do detox treatment monthly to cleanse the scalp and prevent sebum buildup
  • Blow-dry your hair only until it is semi dry. Do not dry your hair completely as it damages the hair cuticle.
  • Use cold air to blow-dry your hair instead of hot air. Hot air tends to open up the follicles causing the follicles to take in more dirt.
  • Use a hair tonic daily to give your hair vitamins, your scalp needs vitamin daily just like your face and body. 


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