How To Babyproof Your Christmas Decorations

How To Babyproof Your Christmas Decorations

baby with christmas ornaments

Are you a new parent? Is this going to be your first Christmas with your baby? Well, if you have a newborn baby, you have no worries about baby proofing yet. But, if you have a baby who has just started to crawl or your adventurous toddler is always on the move to explore every bit of your home, you may need to find ways to babyproof your Christmas decorations. After all, injuries can happen at an unpredictable time, anywhere, and to anyone.


Nevertheless, festivals are the time for families to come together and enjoy each other’s company, creating a bonding session while feasting our favourite festival food. We do not want any holiday-related injuries, and when it comes to young children, you can never be too safe.


That’s why before your young child is ready to wreak havoc on the halls you just decked, try these new Christmas decor safety hacks to keep your child safe.



Christmas Tree


Imagine this – after putting up the tree, you are likely to take a step back and see how perfect or beautiful the tree is and will continue positioning the lights and ornaments till it’s satisfying. Just then, your toddler is already there to pull the ornaments away from the tree. To her, she’s helping mummy but to you, she might bring the whole tree down! So, how do you protect your Christmas tree and your baby?



  • Get a baby gate or child-safe indoor fencing to create a barrier between your child and the tree.
  • Place your tree out of reach, perhaps on a higher spot and on a surface that can’t be pushed or tipped over by your little one.
  • Craft a DIY tree by using felt cut-outs, dowels, and wood slices which are safer to be used when you have young children. You may also want to check out Felt Christmas Tree on any online platform and start ordering now.
  • You can place a big heavy fake present box around the tree as a barrier and use clear packing tape to keep them all together. Try filling those boxes with old textbooks so they won’t tip or slide.



Ornaments & Lights

Christmas. A pretty baby in a Christmas hat sits near a Christmas tree decorated with lighting garland. The concept of winter Christmas holidays


Ornaments and light bulbs pose a choking hazard if swallowed by small kids. Your child can get tangled up in tinsel and string lights too. Therefore, it is probably wise to avoid using them entirely in your house until your kids are older. Below are some other tips you might want to consider.



  • Avoid glass-made ornaments and use rugged unbreakable Christmas decorations.
  • Avoid tinsel as it is a choking hazard – you can get brightly-coloured paper flowers to give your tree that same feel.
  • Use some nice plaid ribbons and tie bows on the branches.
  • Skip string lights and decorate with child-friendly shiny stars. If you still want to use string lights, you may want to wrap them securely around the middle of your tree rather than draping them on the branches.
  • Go minimalist – less is more.



children playing candles


If you have the habit of lighting candles near a Christmas tree, stockings, or any other decorations before having a child, you may want to stop it now. They’re beautiful to see but when you have your infant or toddler running around the house – it’s best to avoid the fire risk. Better be safe than sorry!



  • There are many fake candles (battery-operated) if you are interested in the look without the actual flame.
  • If you want the candles, place them high up and out of reach.
  • Skip the candles for a year or two or until your kids get older to understand the danger of it.


Sometimes the best way to keep your child safe is to keep them busy with something else like giving them their own toy mini Christmas tree or felt Christmas trees to occupy themselves during this Christmas season! What matters most is the safety of your child and celebrating this season of love and sharing in the presence of your beautiful family.


Spread the joy of Christmas and be safe everyone!

A full-time MUM turned writer, Rosalind found her passion for writing only after becoming a mother herself. As a mother of two school-going children, she writes about real-life experiences, spending quality time with family and among others - parenting skills that need to be explored!

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